The waiting is over.

And…the winners are: 

Publication of the Year: Stellenbosch The Wine, The People. The Stories, Tip Africa Publishing

Editor of the Year: Samantha Page, Machine_

But of course, they are not the only winners. We couldn’t be prouder. Our industry has once again pulled out all the stops and gave their best. 

Well done to each entrant, each team, each finalist, and each winner. Collaborative industry forums like this are becoming increasingly important.
Why? We need peer recognition and peer review, we need to up the ante with every opportunity we get and we need to plow back into our industry, ensuring that the expertise and knowledge we’ve acquired go back into the pool to lead to continuous improvement

Entrants can expect their feedback emails, tailor-made with certificates and judges’ feedback to follow promptly. 

For now, we share with pride and excitement the Results Publication for 2023.

Results Publication Access