The ball is in our court

All entries are in and allocated to our specialist umpires [read judges]. What now? You are all anxious to hear the outcome, and the ball is now in our court. Will we have a ‘Grand Slam Title Winner’ this year?

Itching to know

We are aware everyone is anxious to know the outcome and, in fact, so are we, because as members of the SAPF, we are not allowed to judge. However, as the entries poured in we were blown away by the quality and the level of excellence.

The value of the SA Publication Forum’s annual competition lies in the feedback of our judges. And herein lies the crux of the matter – to provide honest, specialist input, encouraging entrants to continuously improve.

To achieve this, we reviewed all our judging requirements, adapted the judging sheets, and rephrased some questions. With digital and audiovisual entries exponentially growing every year, aspects such as analytic feedback, technical qualities, presentation, multimedia, and interactivity, are carefully scrutinised to ensure maximum feedback. Needless to say, entries are matched with judges who are content specialists, ensuring objective and well-founded reviews.

All these processes are done painstakingly and with great respect to all our entrants.

The ball is in the judges’ court

Our judges have received their packs and have three weeks to submit their final reviews. Then the SAPF team will collate, comb through, and process all final submissions, comments and marks – which will take another three weeks. Moderators will adjudicate top entries before final results are released.

You can expect to get your invite to our on-line awards announcement around the beginning of November, but we will update you as the process continues. Who wouldn’t wait with bated breath?

We are confident that all our entrants will get valuable input and feedback and that the competition will once again prove to be the benchmark of South African Corporate Publications.

We are also working on a small surprise, post awards … more on that later.