Editor of the Year

Who may enter?

The Editor of the Year must be someone whom employers would like to head-hunt for their communications team, a bright star in the industry who excels on all fronts. More than one editor from the same company is allowed to enter, provided they are not responsible for the same publication.

Our panel of judges has extensive experience in the industry and will examine and consider factors such as workload, organisational skills, initiative, and budget management. Participants must therefore furnish all possible information, motivations and recommendations.

The winner will be an editor who:

  • made the best use of the resources at their disposal;
  • communicated the company’s objectives to internal or external target audiences strategically;
  • produced high-quality publication(s) on time;
  • applied their budget and available workforce successfully;
  • managed the frequency and scope of the publications with flair; and
  • successfully handled tasks, other than corporate journalism, that were their responsibility.

Editors entering the competition must submit:

  1. A completed entry form (available here).
  2. The entry fee for the competition – R2800.00
  3. A high-res profile picture of the candidate. (this image will be used for presentation & results publishing purposes)
  4. A separate document (PDF) providing the following information:
    (you will be prompt to upload the document during the entry process)
    • name of editor, title and designation, and name of organisation;
    • name and telephone number of immediate manager; and
    • a breakdown, containing the following information with regard to all publications/videos in which the editor is involved:
    • Number of issues per year.
    • Average number of pages per issue.
    • Budget per issue (provide detailed information, including cost of distribution).
    • Number of editorial staff (editor included).
    • Brief description of each staff member’s involvement. Describe who is responsible for research, collection of information, writing, language editing, photography, design and layout.
    • The editor’s duties.
    • The publication’s aims.
    • The target readership.
    • The role of the publication in the organisation’s communication programme. Also refer to the value and support management accords  your publication.
    • Reader’s reaction to the publication.
    • Brief description of other duties performed by the editor.