Editor of the Year

This competition is aimed at finding South Africa’s Corporate Editor of the Year. Whereas the awards for the Publication Competition go to the best publications, DVDs and electronic publications, this award is made to a person. To qualify for the award you must also enter your publication(s) in the Publication Competition.The entries for Corporate Editor of the Year will be judges by a distinguished panel consisting of judges and moderators who also judge the Publication Competition. They select a number of finalists who will each receive a merit certificate.
They will also appoint the winner.

Please note that entering for the Editor of the Year competition is regarded as another entry for the competition. You therefore have to pay the normal competition fee to enter.

Who may enter?
Editors employed by organisations or associations may enter.

The winner will be that editor who has made the best use of the resources at his/her disposal in order to communicate the company’s objectives to internal or external target audiences. The quality of the publication(s) will be judged after thorough consideration of the editor’s application of his/her budget and available manpower, as well as the frequency and scope of the publications. Tasks, other than corporate journalism, that are the editor’s responsibility will also be considered.

The Corporate Editor of the Year has to be someone employers would like to appoint to their communications team. More than one editor from the same company are allowed to enter, provided that they are not responsible for the same publication.

The panel of judges with broad experience of the industry will examine the communication role of each entry. Factors such as workload, organisational skills, initiative and the managing of a budget will be examined. Participants must therefore furnish all possible information, motivations and recommendations.

Editors entering the competition must submit:

  • an entry form (the same form used to enter for the Publication Competition)
  • entry fee to enter the competition
  • a separate document (e-mailed) providing the following information:

1. Name of editor, title and designation, name of organisation

2. Name and telephone number of immediate head

3. A breakdown of all publications/videos in which the editor is involved.

  • Number of issues per year
  • Average number of pages per issue
  • Budget per issue (provide detailed information including cost of distribution).
  • Number of editorial staff (editor included)
  • Briefly describe each staff member’s involvement. Describe who is responsible for research, collection of information, writing, language editing, photography, design and lay-out.
  • The editor’s duties
  • The publication’s aims
  • The target readership
  • The role of the publication in the organisation’s communication programme. Also refer to the value and support management accords your publication
  • Reader’s reaction to the publication.
  • Briefly describe the other duties of the editor.