How to enter

Now that you have worked through the “About” pages, you should be almost ready to enter.

2024 Entry fees and dates - to be announced

  • A sliding scale discount will again be offered for multiple entries.
  • The objective is to secure affordability, enabling entrants to submit as many publications as they wish.

Please note: Editor of the Year is a separate paid entry … read more here

Step 1 - Enter and submit your publication

The Entry Form prompts will ask you to provide a URL for your publication, upload a cover image, picture, document, etc. Please follow all steps carefully. If you encounter problems you may share your file as a last resort via WeTranfer to:
(Please name your file(s) with identifiable information)

If you do not have an online version of your publication, or if you are unable to send us a link, send a PDF of your publication(s) via WeTransfer to:

All publications must be received on or before: date to be announced;
– no entries will be judged if “link/file” has not been received.

Please complete the entry form and press the send button.


Only publications published between June 2023 and July 2024 can be entered for this year’s competition.

You will receive a detailed confirmation e-mail containing all the information you have provided.

Step 2 - Submit proof of payment

You will receive an invoice based on the details provided in the entry form.

All entries must be paid on or before: 30 August 2024 (Payment Closing Date);
– no entries will be judged if payment has not been received.

Payments should be made electronically.

NEW Banking details:
As published on your Invoice.

Your Payment Reference: OUR INVOICE NUMBER

Please e-mail proof of payment to:

Need help ?

If you need more information or assistance, please contacts us

Announcement of the winners

Detail about the announcement of the winners will follow soon.