Resourceful and ever-curious, Lizette’s career journey has been a winding path through the field of design. She started her career in 1994 as in-house graphic designer for a prominent South African NGO. During this time, she designed voter education material for the Independent Electoral Committee for South Africa’s first democratic elections.

After a short stint as a freelance communication designer, with clients like Harmony Gold Mine, Goldfields, Liberty Properties Group and the Phakisa Race Track in Welkom, she joined Qmuzik Technologies – a subsidiary of QData as a multimedia designer. Then, in 2002, she founded her own communication and multimedia design agency.

She is currently National Programme Manager, responsible for designing and managing academic content of the IIE Vega’s Bachelor of Arts in digital design and Bachelor in computer and information science in game design and development.

Lizette is a passionate believer in the power of design. Good design, in print, on digital platforms or in any other form, makes information accessible for everyone, gets your message across and make people happy.