It's the season

It’s the season …

Every year, when the cold finally strengthens its grip, the publication industry knows it is corporate publication competition season. Yes, the 20th Corporate Publication Competition will open for entries on 1 July and close on 16 August this year. To the regular entrants, zip through those deadlines and get your publications ready for entry.

Newbies, go to to see how the process works.

Why enter the Corporate Publication Competition?

The competition offers industrial editors and corporate communication practitioners an opportunity to benchmark their publications against the best in the industry. This opportunity for peer recognition and rewarding of excellence in printed and digital publications has inspired and motivated continued excellence in the corporate publication sector.

The competition also provides valuable input and feedback from leaders in the field – our handpicked judges. All entries receive expert feedback aimed at empowering teams to consistently improve their publications. The thorough feedback from these expert judges also provides excellent training opportunities.

Peter Maher, editor of last year’s Best Publication, gives three good reasons to submit your publication for scrutiny in his article, ‘It’s all about readers’ in this issue. According to Peter, the judges’ comments definitely alerted them to areas of weakness in their publications.

All entries are judged on the quality of writing, design, photography, and how well the publication communicates with its target audience. There are several categories you can enter into:

  • Newspapers and newsletters
  • Internal magazines
  • External magazines
  • One-off publications
  • Annual reports
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Digital publications
  • AV presentations
  • Publication innovation

The competition made a huge contribution to lifting the standards of South Africa’s corporate publications over the years. Many of these publications compare to the best in the world.

We can’t wait to view your publications!

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