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A new category was added "Commercial/Consumer Publication", and Newsletters & Newspapers are now joined (due to the very low entry qty of newspapers) - refer to our website for more information.

*Internal - The publication is targeted toward employees, members, and various stakeholders (not the general public).
*External - The publication is accessible and intended for a wider audience.

We require a link to your print-ready PDF for judging purposes. Alternatively, you can WeTransfer it to us. Hard copies are being accepted again and can be couriered to us, but we will still require a PDF version. All required information is available on our website.

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(AI) Artificial Intelligence Industry Survey

Digital innovation is developing with leaps and bounds. AI in content generation is not a sci-fi theme anymore. It is real. Tell us how much AI has impacted your production and creative processes and how you take advantage of the available tools. We added a short section to all entry forms with two simple questions. Thank you for participating in this important study. The results of the survey will be made available in a newsletter after all the data has been gathered.

Simple Answer (Yes / No)

Simple Answer (Yes / No)

Simple Answer (Yes / No)

What do you use AI for?

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