SAPF - Judge Registration (2024)

Thank you for making yourself available as a judge for the 2024 SAPF Publication Competition. Your expertise and dedication are crucial in elevating the standard of corporate publications across South Africa.

To ensure fairness and uphold the integrity of our competition, we are expanding our pool of judges to include qualified and available industry professionals from various agencies. This step is necessary to maintain the high standards we strive for.

Important Note: To preserve impartiality, judges are strictly prohibited from evaluating categories in which they or their agency have submitted entries. This policy is vital to maintain the objectivity and credibility of our judging process.

We are committed to transparency and will publish the list of judges on the SAPF website. Your adherence to these guidelines is essential for the success and fairness of our competition.

Thank you once again for your commitment to supporting excellence in corporate publications. Your positive and uplifting feedback helps participants understand what they can improve on, focusing on growth and development rather than shortcomings.

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