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2024 Entry Forms will open on: 01 July 2024

There are 3 distinctive forms available.
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New category — Commercial/Consumer Publications

A commercial/consumer publication, often featuring barcodes and a price tag, is a type of publication created for commercial purposes and targeted towards the general public or consumers — catering to the diverse interests of a broad consumer audience, and can be purchased at retail outlets.

Commercial/consumer publications often rely on advertisements and advertorials (designed to mimic editorial content) to generate revenue. These publications generate income through placement fees paid by businesses seeking exposure to the publication’s audience. Additionally, income for commercial/consumer publications is also generated through sales, typically through retail outlets, subscriptions, or online platforms.


Traditionally printed – even if distributed electronically in pdf format:

(Usually produced using Indesign, Illustrator, Coral Draw, Photoshop, etc.)

  • Corporate Publications (Internal & External)
  • Commercial/Consumer Publications
  • Newsletters & Newspapers
  • One-off Publications
  • Annual Reports (Governance/General Review)

Digital Projects

Online/Interactive Projects:

(Usually created with specialised programs
for coding, animation,
video editing, etc.)

  • Applications (Web/Mobile)
  • Audio Visual Productions
  • Email Newsletter Campaigns
  • Interactive Digital Publications
  • Websites (Corporate/Commercial)

Editor of the Year

Please ensure you have read the
contents of this page:

Editor of the Year

Entry for “Editor of the Year” is subject
to a full entry fee of R2950.00.

Judges' Choice Awards

Partial entries are no longer available as a standalone paid option

Every publication entered will be considered for a Judges’ Choice Award. These ‘special mention’ awards are subjected to moderation.

Publications can be awarded one or more of the following:

  • Corporate Publication of the Year
  • Commercial/Consumer Publication of the Year (new)
  • Innovation / New Trends
  • Excellence in Writing
  • Excellence in Communication
  • Excellence in Design & Layout


  • Best Headlines
  • Best Cover Design
  • Best Photography (new)