Results loading….

In the meantime, some reading… Now that we have all recovered from “Bok-Koors”, but perhaps still suffering from Protea Fever, we know you are (im)patiently awaiting the results of this year’s SA Publication Forum Competition. Well, the results are in. All judges’ comments have been processed and all the final scores checked. We are taking […]

The heart of the SA Publication Forum – our judges.

We called our judges from hibernation, and they are ready for this year’s Judges’ duty (much more enjoyable than Jury Duty!). Entrants can rest assured; your publications will be in good hands. Our panel consists of people still active in our industry, most are still practicing publication practitioners who know how much effort and endurance […]

Who will be the shining stars in 2023?

bench·mark: to evaluate or check by comparison with a standard. /ˈben(t)SHmärk/ As our entries grow from a slow trickle to a steady roar, we anticipate groundbreaking work yet again. As objective outsiders, we not only admire our entrants’ bravery to put their work up for scrutiny but saw over the years how important industry benchmarking […]

Not only judging a book by its cover

2023 Competition is in full swing. Why enter? Because we don’t only judge the book by its cover. The SA Publication Forum is the benchmarking vehicle in corporate communication in South Africa. For the past 21 years we annually we receive an estimate of 150 cross-industry entrants. See how close your corporate communication is to […]