Strategic communication makes a difference, adds value, and effects change

The South African Publication Forum (SAPF) offers various advantages to the publishing community. Whether your’e a corporate company, a communications agency, an editor, or any kind of communications practitioner that is serious about effectively communicating to target audiences, the SAPF will benefit you in your endeavors toward excellence. The SAPF was established by corporate publication […]

Watch, see and listen

What judges have to say about audio visual and true interactive digital publications. The audio/visual industry has completely changed since the silent movie era where it all started. Those movies attracted people to cinemas in droves. They mesmerised audiences with images that sped by on a ‘gigantic’ screen – life literally flashed before their eyes. […]

One, two, three LIFT OFF

“You’ve got to be in it to win it.” Enter in three easy steps Over the last 20 years, the annual Corporate Publication Competition, hosted by the SAPF, has set the benchmark for corporate publications (printed and digital). This competition affords editors, writers, designers and photographers the opportunity to compare their work to some of the best […]

Writers, when in doubt, KISS

Sound advice from SAPF’s writing judge, Therésa Lee. A barometer she uses when judging competition entries for writing, is the KISS principle. She believes this well-known dictum still holds true – Keep It Short & Simple. She shares some insights into her judging process in this article. Therésa is not new to the panel of […]

Enduringly engage your readers

Chantal Smuts summarises what judges will be looking for when judging the Communication category. She is a new judge, but not new to the competition. She has been an entrant of the competition for 17 years and now finally joins the panel of judges. When a publication’s content, words and design are woven together seamlessly, […]

Our judges – the core of the benchmark

The quality of entries in the Corporate Publication Competition has improved over the years and this is partially due to the valuable feedback from the hand-picked judges and moderators. The reputation of the Competition rests on the quality of this panel of judges and moderators. Judges, the core of the system, are appointed for their various traits such […]

It’s the season …

It's the season

Every year, when the cold finally strengthens its grip, the publication industry knows it is corporate publication competition season. Yes, the 20th Corporate Publication Competition will open for entries on 1 July and close on 16 August this year. To the regular entrants, zip through those deadlines and get your publications ready for entry. Newbies, […]

It’s all about our readers

Peter Maher

The editor of Wits Review (winner of 2021 Best Corporate Publication in SA), Peter Maher, says a striking aspect of successful publications is the deep respect they convey towards their readers when it comes to story content. ‘In my experience, being intimately connected to readers beyond just producing a publication is invaluable.’ We caught up […]

In pursuit of perfection

Derick van der Walt

To be designated the best publication of the year is indeed a great accolade. To pay homage to Derick van der Walt, the SAPF has renamed the coveted award for THE prize in the competition – it will be known as the Derick van der Walt Award for Best Corporate Publication. If you knew Derick […]

A day in his shoes, is a day well spent!

Elroy van Heerden

Current Editor of the Year, Elroy van Heerden, says a typical day in his life can best be described as a journey of continuous learning. ‘I did not start out my career as an editor, I grew into it. I did not start out as a business owner – I pursued it. I have made […]