Turning 21 in the 21st Century

Yes, the SA Publication Forum is officially coming of age. So much changed since it started in 2002 – then we used cellphones like the Nokia 3510, Sony Ericsson P800, Samsung SPH-i500 and the first iPhone was still only a concept in Steve Job’s mind. Yes, that long ago. Since our inception, technology exploded, each new […]

Your work is in their capable hands

Just so you know, your publications are being assessed by the following judges: Carmen Gunkel – DESIGN: newspapers and newsletters Chantal Smuts – WRITING: external publications Christine Breet – COMMUNICATION: external publications Greig Stewart – WRITING: one-off publications Jean Robertson – COMMUNICATION, WRITING and DESIGN: websites and audio-visual productions Johann van Zyl – WRITING: external […]

Wondered what the judges think?

“Great work,” was the comment of one judge. “These editors are either Superman, Batman or Wonderwoman. The work I saw was out of this world,” she said. As submissions from our judges start to treacle in we also received a few comments from the bench – judges are in awe of the variety and general […]

The ball is in our court

All entries are in and allocated to our specialist umpires [read judges]. What now? You are all anxious to hear the outcome, and the ball is now in our court. Will we have a ‘Grand Slam Title Winner’ this year? Itching to know We are aware everyone is anxious to know the outcome and, in […]

A breath-taking view of our industry

What started as a trickle, quickly became a steady stream as the entries for the 2022 Corporate Publication Competition started to fill our inboxes. The slow pinging of notifications grew to a high pitch as entries came pouring in. A sneak preview of the early-bird entries took our collective breath away as we observed the […]

Flying with the BRAVE

We salute the brave ones who over the years had the courage to enter their work to be scrutinised and judged. It is not only their competitive spirit that motivate entrants to enter the annual SAPF Corporate Publication Competition and obviously also not the prize money – because there is none. Asking regular entrants why […]

The judging machine

You have entered – what now? Judges for the Corporate Publication Competition are selected for their experience in and understanding of the communication and publication industry, some of whom are award winners themselves. The panel consists of respected industry professionals in the fields of writing, communication, design, and new media. This is how the system […]

Getting engaged

By Sophia Dower When trying to charm readers into falling in love with your message, do online channels ‘seduce’ with the same effect that printed publications seem to? And if not, what can we do about it? Nothing beats getting ‘lost’ in a good book. And by ‘book’ I don’t mean the weighty tome that […]

Strategic communication makes a difference, adds value, and effects change

The South African Publication Forum (SAPF) offers various advantages to the publishing community. Whether your’e a corporate company, a communications agency, an editor, or any kind of communications practitioner that is serious about effectively communicating to target audiences, the SAPF will benefit you in your endeavors toward excellence. The SAPF was established by corporate publication […]

Watch, see and listen

What judges have to say about audio visual and true interactive digital publications. The audio/visual industry has completely changed since the silent movie era where it all started. Those movies attracted people to cinemas in droves. They mesmerised audiences with images that sped by on a ‘gigantic’ screen – life literally flashed before their eyes. […]