SAPF Judge 2022


Niki Moore has been a freelance media professional for almost forty years, and in that time she has seen the world of publishing, media and communication change beyond recognition.

As a firm believer in the maxim that no experience is ever wasted, she has worked in every aspect of content creation from print, online, broadcasting, publishing, editing, research, project management and strategic communication.

Her outlets have ranged from international news agencies such as Bloomberg to the local knock-and-drop, and her clients have ranged from multi-national companies such as Shell Petroleum to the deli on her local street corner. She has designed communication strategies for organisations ranging from the United Nations, the South African government, universities and corporates, to the neighbourhood animal shelter.

She has seen news, content and communication change from a mechanical process requiring large teams of experts and days of work, right down to a message recorded on a phone and uploaded online within seconds.

While she welcomes the democratisation of information, she also believes that creativity, skill and attention to detail is now more important than ever to cut through the clutter. The essence of good communication is information that is rendered into an uncomplicated message, attractively designed, memorably executed, and clearly conveyed.

She feels privileged to have worked with, and learned from, the best content creators in the world and even now, after 40 years, she is still learning!