SAPF Judge 2022


In the world of writing and copy editing less is often more. Where writing and editing is concerned, Marisa lives by the mantra: revise, clarify and simplify.

She started her career 37 years ago in the communication and public relations departments of agricultural entities and a major banking group, but soon realised that her destiny was to become what is colloquially known as the ‘dreaded grammar police’.

She honed these skills for several years as the production editor at De Rebus, the South African attorney’s journal, before deciding to go it alone as a freelance copy editor and translator more than 20 years ago. Since then, Marisa has been making a living by carefully combining and pruning words, and by fixing spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors to ensure clear and comprehensible communication.

Marisa believes that good editing is invisible: you don’t notice that it has been done. Even though she embraces the move to paperless digital communication, she will forever be in love with the smell of ink on paper. When Marisa is not playing around with words, you would probably find her on the way to the airport – so many places, so little time.