Most frequent asked questions + answers

why do you have this "competition" - why only once a year?

Our judging panel consist of respected industry related “working” professionals who scarifies their time specifically just for “this”. Bending time and space is a serious skill, money can’t buy! Once a year we join in unison for the greater good – Reviewing, Analysing and Uplifting the Publishing Industry of South Africa.

Who can enter this competition?

Anybody can submit their works of art to be included in the review and analytics process. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting your career in publishing or thinking about retirement. In fact … we welcome “newbies”, as this is usually and eye opener of new things to come – while we respect the proven formulas set by those before you. Our judging panel is 100% open minded and we welcome innovative ideas and will always provide moderated feedback.

Do we have to pay, to enter this "competition" - why?

Well, (unfortunately) Yes … you do have to pay to enter the Annual SAPF Publication “Competition”. This empower us to give a something back to the judging panel for their time, print certificates (to honor you), make trophy’s (to honor you), host & update the website, treat you to a lovely lunch at a great venue, pay the master of ceremony and sound engineer(s) … etc.

Who is "the Judging Panel"?

We have created a new individual page for each and every Judging Panel Members and will keep this updated as and when changes are required – you can select and view a short biography of each of the SAPF Judging Panel Members – here. Please note: the judging panel submits their findings to the SAPF Founding Members, if the feedback and or results are not in unison – findings is forwarded to the Moderator(s) Panel for moderation – Feedback you receive is the final opinion of the SAPF Judging Team.

Can I join the judging panel?

Yes, you are welcome to submit your availability to join the panel. Taster: (1) don’t expect to make a living out of this, (2) you can’t enter any works into the SAPF Competition, (3) you must remain 100% impartial, (4) work as part of a team where your opinion might be over-ruled, (5) work under pressure on a very short deadline, (6) remain positive and always provide uplifting criticism, etc … sacrifice your time here.

Why should I enter?

Well … if a free lunch and the possibility of bragging rights is not selling this? We can argue the benefit of parading your well earned (deserved) certificates and trophy’s in front of your current / future clients. We also provide you with the perfect platform to network … guys, if you don’t network don’t blame us, but remember the SAPF Awards Ceremony is a time of relaxation and celebrating your successes – so don’t expect your peers in this cut throat market to sign a deal immediately 🙂

Are you ready to be ... Recognised? Inspired? Judged?

We judge publications (works) ... not people