A breath-taking view of our industry

What started as a trickle, quickly became a steady stream as the entries for the 2022 Corporate Publication Competition started to fill our inboxes. The slow pinging of notifications grew to a high pitch as entries came pouring in.

A sneak preview of the early-bird entries took our collective breath away as we observed the exceptional standard of the publications entered. The editor of Taalgenoot, one of the early entries, insisted on delivering hardcopies because ‘you have to pick up the paper version and page through the magazine to really appreciate it’. In sharp contrast, is the high-tech digital entry by Machine, a Sanlam newsletter that takes you on an exciting virtual information journey.

The variety of entries speaks of the diverse universes corporate publication practitioners have to cater to. Looking at the entries one realises how much creative talent and skills this industry has, as well as the enormity of the task awaiting our judges.

Read the article, Getting Engaged, written for PAGES by Sophia Dower (one of our judges) on the lessons she learned about managing the ‘two worlds that couldn’t be more different’ – the world at an agency for printed media, and a technology-driven large corporate.