2022 Corporate Publication Competition




In keeping up with the trendsetting innovation of this year’s entries, it is only fitting that the Forum produces a digitally enhanced, value-adding, benchmarking publication – we are after all in the publication business and promise to be on your page!

We all love a good get-together to rub shoulders, hear the ‘hurrahs’ and get the coveted prize, but what then? It is our vision and solemn promise to sustainably grow a community of practice where the best of industry standards, local and global, can be shared as case studies. Where we can learn from each other and plow back into the industry we have worked in for years.

The digital space presents endless opportunities and the results can be astounding and influential. We believe this publication will have a longer shelf life and add more value than anything done before and that it will present more opportunity for you to share your accomplishments, and those of your fellow entrants.

Congratulations to every company, agency, and editor whose work is on display here. We raise a glass to all the braves who participated and those stellar publications that won.

We give you the first SAPF Results Publication!