Paul van der Merwe

Paul van der Merwe

Paul is a full-stack web specialist, freelancer and entrepreneur with more that 18 years experience in anything web based. He worked on various projects and or solutions for organisations like: Liberty (Wealth Toolbox), Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, FIFA World Cup 2010, ANC Progressive Business Forum, Massmart (Makro) and the South African Pharmacy Council.

He is the founder of SARPnet (Pty) Ltd, a company offering cloud based Software-as-a-Service products and solution to the legal (debt collecting) industry in South Africa – aka. Sheriff Software South Africa.

“Being a full-stack anything mean you need to know a lot about a lot and keep your skills updated, keep your ears on the ground, keep your eyes on the ball and keep your mind in the future. Technology changes overnight, I research, test or learn at least one new thing every month”.

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